Defining Brand Culture

I just finished listening to a HubSpot podcast conversation with John Wolske from the Zappos Insights Team about how the company defines their culture. It’s a drill down of their 10 Core Values and how they live and work those values that ultimately leads to success.

The take-away: A company’s culture comes from all the people in your company who are driving your success. It’s not a top down mandate but an open, fluid, transparent, living way that employees as well as management interact with each other and their customers. Their main core value revolves around customer service and a business model of “Happiness.” Sounds great, right?!

The best part about the Zappos Insights website is that they are willing to share their journey. Anyone can become a member for $39.95 per month and have access to a wealth of information. It’s a best practices goldmine with a core curriculum, tool kit, culture lab and expert insights. They also give tours of their company in Las Vegas.

Tony Hsieh, Zappos Founder, is a change agent and driving force for, not only his company, but the revitalization of the downtown Las Vegas corridor with his investment in new businesses, existing infrastructure and the people who live nearby. Zaps Insights is definitely worth an investment. Bravo!!

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