San Luis Obispo Symphony

Since December of 2015, I have been the San Luis Obispo Symphony’s Marketing and Communications Director. It’s a consulting position where I work in the Symphony office four hours a day. I can tell you I get more done in those four hours than if I was sitting there for eight hours. I think there … Continue reading San Luis Obispo Symphony

The Cows Have Come Home

Just have to tell you about a fun event coming up on Saturday, September 17th. It’s the launch of CowParade SLO, the largest public art exhibit ever in San Luis Obispo County. Life-sized fiberglass cows, 101 of them, have been painted/decorated by local artists, famous cartoonists and a celebrity model and tag artist and will … Continue reading The Cows Have Come Home

Defining Brand Culture

I just finished listening to a HubSpot podcast conversation with John Wolske from the Zappos Insights Team about how the company defines their culture. It’s a drill down of their 10 Core Values and how they live and work those values that ultimately leads to success. The take-away: A company’s culture comes from all the people … Continue reading Defining Brand Culture

I’m Thankful For…

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It gives me time to reflect on what I am thankful for, personally and professionally. The list is so long and I am even grateful for that!! For every business, now is the time to tell your employees, vendors, investors and advisors that you really could do business without them. … Continue reading I’m Thankful For…